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My Insights on The Leeteuk Incident

The PD told Leeteuk to give a speech at the end of the concert. It wasn’t a decision he made by himself; he was just following orders. And it wasn’t his fault that he was met with bad timing either; the PD actually cued him to start his speech.

Yes, Tiffany and Taeyeon were the MCs so of course, they’re the ones who have to close the show. But Tiffany probably didn’t know that Leeteuk was asked to give a speech, which is why she started to give the closing remarks. And from what I’ve observed, I don’t think Tiffany even minded that Leeteuk interrupted her. She let him talk and she let him finish. I don’t know about Taeyeon though. The face she made could either have been an annoyed face or a half-pissed, half-amused face.

Anyway, if Leeteuk had said anything to the MCs beforehand or if he said ‘excuse me’ before starting his speech, then this whole issue probably wouldn’t have been blown out of proportion. But everything was so spontaneous; it was all happening so fast so I can understand why he failed to do either.

So anyway, I doubt Tiffany and Taeyeon are holding a grudge against him. They’ve known each for a long time, they’re friends, they see each other all the time; it’s probably nothing to the two girls anymore.

But on the other hand, Leeteuk is getting so much unnecessary hate and I can’t even understand why. I’ve seen Koreans interrupt others on shows numerous times before. In fact, not only Koreans. Everybody does it. And most of the time, people just laugh it off or just shrug it off.

Also, quite frankly, I don’t see why Taeyeon is an MC in the first place. Of course, Tiffany is an MC because she can speak English. But anybody could’ve been in Taeyeon’s place really. Be it Leeteuk or Gyuri or Sulli or any other artist for that matter.

If MBC had just made Leeteuk an MC then none of this would be a problem. >:(

And so, I’ll just sit here, impatiently waiting for all these fanwars and hate to die, all the while, silently protecting and supporting Leeteuk. I know that neither Taeyeon or Leeteuk (or Tiffany) did anything wrong but I’m a bigger ELF than I am a Sone so I’m just not liking Taeyeon right now.