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#rough translation
Donghae being Donghae

Donghae: One time, I was at the salon and I was taking to manager hyung. I turned around and I saw a pair of long legs. I greeted him, “Oh Kangta sunbaenim, anyeonghaseyo!” Suddenly, he said, “I’m Zhoumi!”

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My relationship with my followers
Me: ask me anything guys, nothing is off the limits.
Me: okay, I'll just reblog some pictures.
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helping BabyHae w/ his coat~
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This is time when all ELFs need to unite and show the would our power. Let’s increase views on all SJ videos before 7jib.

Mr. Simple - 74,484,071 (our goal 100,000,000)
A-CHA - 21,830,258  (our goal 40,000,000)
Sexy, Free and Single - 32,533,891(our goal 50,000,000)
SPY -…

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140416 Show Champion:
Kangin: so showchampion prepared a gift for you guys.. only 1 person can take it since we only prepared one..
Donghae: ME.
Kangin: It's a gift Donghae-ssi won't like ...
Donghae: /opens it/ no no no no... /shakes head/
(1 day pass to be Show Champion MC)
Hyuk: Donghae finally has something to do!
Ryeowook: Finally a schedule!
Hyuk: Donghae-ssi talks really well. He's the best at talking. He's a friend that's great at talking, but it's been hidden till now.
Kangin: will we see his skills this time?
Donghae: I cannot because of drama filmings
Kangin: I'll do that drama then.
cr: YWJS
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